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Argumentative Reality Sculpture


Concept & Design: CHiKA


LED lights, DMX, Software, Hardware, Computer, Metal Pipes, Box.


AR: Unlimited


GO01 is an AR sculpture developed during the 2020 NARS Satellite Residency on Governors Island that the public can view as a nonphysical installation in front of them through their smart devices.

This project came about during a lockdown in New York City, where people could not go out and experience the public event and the artist open house on Governors Island. The public could interact with AR sculptures outdoors, anywhere, anytime.

AR sculptures are located at the five most cinematic views on the Island: those facing Downtown Brooklyn, Red Hook, Staten Island, the Statue of Liberty, and Battery Park, New York. It connects the public invisibly to the location. The public can scan the QR code using their smartphones to reveal virtual sculptures in front of each of the five vantage points.

The sculptures are based on the shapes of the five Platonic Solids: Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Icosahedron, and Dodecahedron, and the locations of the sculptures are determined by the theory of the five elements: South, Middle, West, North, and East.

The Japanese homophone GO has a multitude of meanings. This word is pronounced similarly to others in Japanese-Chinese characters, and its purpose differs. It simultaneously means 'Five' (五), 'Pleasure' (娯), 'Perceive' (悟), 'Protect' (護), and 'Together' (互). This concept arbitrates the rules of structure and conceptualizes the installation. 



A series of virtual sculptures developed during the 2020 NARS Satellite Residency on Governors Island. The public can scan 8 different QR Codes to see and place virtual sculptures in the space, including, 3D sculptures of the Nars Foundation, and Harvestworks logos as a project test at the Nolan Park

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