Concept & Design: CHIKA

LED lights, DMX, Software, Hardware, Computer, Metal Pipes, Box.


CONCEPTGO01 AR Sculpture Experience is a visionary art installation that seamlessly merges the physical and digital realms, offering viewers an immersive journey into the world of augmented reality sculpture. 

Developed during the 2020 NARS Satellite Residency on Governors Island, this installation redefines traditional notions of art by transforming public spaces into interactive galleries accessible through smart devices.

Conceived during a lockdown in New York City, GO01 project emerged as a response to the challenges of limited public access to cultural events. By harnessing the power of AR technology, the installation transcends physical barriers, inviting viewers to explore virtual sculptures in outdoor settings.

Virtual Sculptures
Inspired by the five Platonic Solids, the virtual sculptures in GO01 installation embody geometric elegance and aesthetic harmony. Each sculpture represents a unique facet of the human experience, inviting viewers to contemplate the interconnectedness of art, nature, and technology.

Interactive Experience
Through QR codes and smartphone cameras, viewers can unlock the AR sculptures at five strategically chosen locations on Governors Island. By scanning the QR codes, viewers reveal virtual artworks that seamlessly blend with the island's scenic vistas, blurring the boundaries between the physical and virtual worlds.

Conceptual Framework
The installation is grounded in the rich symbolism of the Japanese homophone "GO," which embodies meanings such as 'Five' (五), 'Pleasure' (娯), 'Perceive' (悟), 'Protect' (護), and 'Together' (互). This conceptual framework infuses the installation with layers of cultural significance, inviting viewers to reflect on themes of unity, perception, and shared human experience.

Impact and Engagement
GO01 AR Sculpture Experience fosters a sense of wonder and exploration, inviting viewers to engage with art in new and unexpected ways. By democratizing access to art through digital platforms, the installation promotes inclusivity and accessibility, transcending physical limitations and geographical boundaries.

Through social media sharing and community engagement, the installation sparks dialogue and inspires creativity, amplifying its impact beyond the confines of the physical space.