Light & Sound Installation

LED lights, DMX, Software, Hardware, Computer, Box.

Concept & Design: CHiKA
Sound Design : Phan V

32 x 32 x 60 in

SHIiKAKU is a Japanese homophone with the meaning of Square (四角), Visual (視覚), Optic angle(視角) and Blindspot (死角), in Chinese characters. The meaning of The word dictates the installation’ shape, light pattern, and public interaction. SHiKAKU07 creates a light symphony by the presence of a viewer in real-time. SHiKAKU 07 is a unique "seeing sound " experience by public participation.

SHiKAKU 07 introduces to the public a new way of experience the installation by surprise. It is a new art that the public has to participate in and interact with. It is not like a traditional form of installation, observe art, that the public interact one way. Public participation will be a part of the installation. Inspired by Zen Garden structure, SHiKAKU 07 transform old idea and stricture require to sit, meditate, and observe, into a new digital, a productive garden, SHiKAKU 07 that uses LED lights and sound with new technology by public collaborative activation.

四角: Square structure
SHiKAKU 07' structure is inspired by Japanese Zen garden, Karesansui. It is a "dry landscape" garden that creates an arrangement of rocks, water, moss, tree, and bushes and uses sand to create a universe. SHiKAKU 06 as a Digital Zen garden presents LED strips hanging from the ceiling to the wall like a tree and bushes, a cube-like LED bars structure as rocks and public walking through the structure as water. There will be 2 sets of 1-2m LED light cube-like structures with 10 sets of 2-6m LED light strip over it. The public will be free to walk around the structures.

視覚: Visual
SHiKAKU 07' s experience is "seeing sound," and the public will be a part of creation. The visual effect will be synchronized with sound.
Depend on where public stand, their audio-visual experience will be different with six channel speakers.

視角: Optical angle
SHiKAKU, Square structures are two cubes like installations. Combination of Led lights creates the illusion of many different patterns of cube in the dark space.

死角: Blindspot
Unexpected light and sound experience will happen how the public walk through the installation. Exposure of strong LED lights will appear as an unexpected afterimage.

When no one is in the space, there will be very minimum background sound from 6 speakers in darkness. There will be two cubes like installation standing parallel structure that public can activate LED lights and six-channel sound in the dark space. The only way to observe and experience SHiKAKU 07 is walking around and be part of the installation. Sensors built into the structures create unlimited variations of the light symphony.



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