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Interactive Light
& Sound Installation

LED light, DMX control Board, Softwares, Computer, and Kinect.

Concept & Design: CHiKA
Sound & Sensor Programming: Phan V
Technical Advice: Boris Edelstein, GarageCUBE

15 x 15 x 20 ft

SHIiKAKU represents Square (四角), Visual (視覚), Optic Angle (視角), and Blindspot (死角) in Chinese characters, embodying these meanings as a Japanese homophone. The word guides the installation's shape, light patterns, and interaction with the public. In real-time, SHiKAKU07 orchestrates a captivating light symphony in response to viewer presence, creating a unique "seeing sound" experience through public engagement.

This installation challenges traditional art norms by actively involving the public. Unlike conventional art forms where observers merely watch, SHiKAKU 07 encourages active participation, transforming the viewers into integral components of the artwork. Drawing inspiration from Zen Garden designs, SHiKAKU 07 reimagines the concept of sitting, meditating, and observing. It revolutionizes this traditional idea into a contemporary, digital space—a productive garden illuminated by LED lights and sound. Through innovative technology and collaborative engagement, the public actively shapes this new art form, making SHiKAKU 07 a pioneering and interactive artistic experience.

四角: Square structure
The structure of SHiKAKU 07 draws inspiration from the Japanese Zen garden, Karesansui, known for its "dry landscape" design incorporating rocks, water, moss, trees, and bushes, with sand creating a universe-like arrangement. In the case of SHiKAKU 07, this concept translates into a Digital Zen garden. LED strips hang from the ceiling, resembling trees and bushes, while cube-like LED bars form rock structures. Visitors interact with the installation, akin to water flowing through the garden. The installation comprises two sets of 1-2m LED light cube-like structures, accompanied by ten sets of 2-6m LED light strips above them. Visitors are encouraged to freely explore and walk around these structures.

視覚: Visual
The experience of SHiKAKU 07 is centered around "seeing sound," where the public actively contributes to the creation of the artwork. The visual effects are intricately synchronized with sound, offering a unique audio-visual encounter. Depending on where individuals stand, their experience varies, thanks to the six-channel speakers, creating diverse and immersive audio-visual interactions

視角: Optical angle
SHiKAKU comprises square structures resembling two cube-like installations. The combination of LED lights creates the illusion of various cube patterns within the dark space.

死角: Blindspot
Unforeseen light and sound experiences unfold as the public moves through the installation. The exposure to intense LED lights results in surprising afterimages for the viewers.

In the absence of anyone in the area, there will be minimal background noise emanating from six speakers in the darkness. Two cube-like installations, arranged in a parallel structure, await the public's interaction. Visitors can activate LED lights and six-channel sound within the dim space. The only way to fully grasp SHiKAKU 07 is by walking around and becoming a part of the installation. Sensors integrated into the structures generate limitless variations of the light symphony.

Industry City, NY, USA




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