Concept & Design: CHiKA
Sensor Programming: Calli Higgins
Advisor: Alex Burdin, garageCube

LED light, DMX, Softwares, Hardware, Computer, and Kinect.

9 x 9 x 9 ft

CONCEPTSEI05 represents a groundbreaking collaboration between art and science, bringing together the artistic vision of SEI with the scientific expertise of Dr. Emily Rice. Rooted in the symbolic meanings of the Japanese homophone 'SEI,' symbolizing ‘Star’ (星), ‘Silent’ (静), and ‘Live’ (生), the installation transcends traditional boundaries, shaping its form, light patterns, and interactive elements to offer a transformative exploration of scientific concepts and human curiosity.

Symbolism of 'SEI'
Guided by the symbolic meanings of 'SEI,' the installation embodies themes of celestial wonder, serene contemplation, and vibrant discovery. This deliberate choice informs every aspect of SEI05, from its shape and light patterns to its interactive elements, inviting participants to embark on a journey of exploration and enlightenment.

Collaborative Exploration
SEI05 serves as a platform for collaborative exploration, bridging the worlds of art and science to engage the public in a dialogue about the implications of Dr. Rice's research on very low mass stars and potentially habitable exoplanets.

Viewers are invited to search for a star-shaped formation within the installation's darkened space, symbolizing the quest for discovery and exploration.

Upon locating the star shape and aligning themselves correctly, viewers activate the outer icosahedron, triggering a dynamic display of light and color that illuminates the space with six distinct combinations.

Each color and flashing combination on the icosahedron represents key properties of exoplanets, including size, orbital period, and temperature, offering insights into their potential habitability and scientific significance.

Educational Engagement
SEI05 provides a unique opportunity for the public to engage with complex scientific concepts in an accessible and interactive manner. By translating Dr. Rice's research into tangible experiences, the installation fosters a deeper understanding of the universe and our place within it.

Inspiration and Discovery
Through collaborative exploration and discovery, SEI05 sparks curiosity and inspiration, encouraging viewers to ponder the mysteries of the cosmos and the profound implications of scientific inquiry.

SEI05 stands as a testament to the transformative power of art and science to inspire, educate, and ignite the imagination. By melding artistic expression with scientific exploration, the installation invites viewers on a journey of discovery that transcends traditional boundaries and illuminates the wonders of the universe.