Argumentative Reality Sculpture &
Light Installation

Concept & Design: CHiKA
Application Program: Neil Hickey
Stracture Production: Piro Salinas

Argumentative Reality, Smart device,
LED lights, DMX,  Software, Hardware, Computer.

AR: Unlimited
Light Installation: 20 x 30 x 13f

GO02 is a fusion of physical and nonphysical structures acting in harmony with each other through AR technology.

Her choice of name for her project is deliberate. The Japanese homophone 'GO' has a multitude of meanings. 'Go' can simultaneously mean 'five' (五), 'pleasure' (娯), 'perceive' (悟), 'protect' (護), and 'together' (互).

Her goal is to reveal the latent meanings that arbitrate humanity's rules of structure. She finds inspiration in some of the most foundational systems—the Five Elements of Chinese philosophy and the five Platonic solids. In linking these concepts with “GO'' and its five meanings, She indulges in one of the primary purposes of art - the magical act of finding significance within the coincidences of the cosmos.

The physical heart of GO02 is at NowHere Gallery. Here you can view her physical light sculptures, including GO02_ONENESS, as well as these five virtual sculptures using your smartphone. The exhibition continues to five selected locations across Manhattan where you can view her virtual sculptures using the GO02 custom geolocation app. In this way, CHiKA adds a layer of ephemeral vibrancy to the city and encourages us to experience each location in the uncanny space between real and virtual. Her timing feels perfect to us now, as we emerge from a year in lockdown. It’s a uniquely opportune time to explore the world with fresh eyes.


Galley Talk with Liz Slagus, New York Hall of Science
Instagram Live with Projection Mapping Association Japan



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