Concept & Design: CHiKA
Original Sound: Phan V

LED lights, DMX, Software, Hardware, Computer, Metal Pipes, Wire, Box.

32 x 32 x 60 in

CONCEPTSEI03 transcends traditional boundaries, inviting viewers on a sensory journey of exploration and connection.

SEI03 emerges as a captivating convergence of art and technology, drawing inspiration from the multifaceted meanings of the Japanese homophone  ‘Star’ (星), ‘Silent’ (静), and ‘Live’ (生). These nuanced meanings serve as guiding principles, shaping the installation's form, light patterns, and interactive elements. 

Symbolism of 'SEI'
Rooted in the symbolic significance of 'SEI,' the installation embodies qualities of celestial beauty, serene tranquility, and vibrant vitality. These aspects inform every aspect of SEI03, from its shape and light patterns to its interaction with the public, fostering a rich and immersive experience.

Shape and Interaction
The meaning of 'SEI' dictates the installation's star-shaped form and its interaction with viewers. This deliberate choice invites participants to engage with SEI03, shaping their sensory experience and fostering a sense of connection with the artwork.

Audio-Visual Delight
SEI03 manifests as an audio-visual spectacle, featuring a star-shaped LED light sculpture that captivates viewers with its play of light, shadow, and sound. The installation unfolds as a dynamic interplay of visual and auditory elements, drawing viewers into a mesmerizing world of sensory exploration.

Afterimage Phenomenon
Upon experiencing SEI03, viewers continue to perceive the star-shaped form in their vision as an afterimage, further extending the immersive impact of the installation beyond the physical space.

Sensory Exploration
SEI03 offers viewers a unique opportunity to engage with art on a sensory level, prompting them to explore the interplay of light, shadow, and sound in an immersive environment. Through this exploration, participants forge a deeper connection with the artwork and the themes it embodies.

Memorable Experience
The afterimage phenomenon ensures that SEI03 lingers in viewers' minds long after they have experienced the installation, leaving a lasting impression that sparks reflection and contemplation.

SEI03 stands as a testament to the transformative power of art to inspire, captivate, and evoke emotion. By infusing meaning, symbolism, and interactivity into its design, the installation transcends the boundaries of traditional art, offering viewers a transcendent experience that resonates on multiple levels.