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Interactive LED Lights Installation

Concept & Design: CHiKA
Sensor Programming: Calli Higgins
Archtecutural Design: Alex Burdin, garageCube
Interns: Nicole Cabalquinto, Samantha Farmer

LED by garagecube,  DMX Converter, Softwares, Computer, and Kinect

9 x 9 x 9 f

SEI05 is collaborative work with an artist, CHiKA and a scientist, Dr. Emily Rice.
It is an Interactive Installation with Finding, Activating, and Learning, highlighting the implications of Dr. Rice’s research on cool, very low mass stars, which are numerous throughout the Milky Way Galaxy and may host more potentially habitable exoplanets than Sun-like stars do.

The public needs to look for a star shape inside of the installation in the dark space.

Once the public finds and stands in the right place to align the lights into a star shape, they activate the outside icosahedron lights up in one of six possible color/flash combinations.

Six color and flashing combination of light patterns on the installation/ icosahedron represents the size of a planet, an orbital period of the planet around the star, and temperature of the planet. These three properties contribute to the planet’s potential habitability.

New York Hall of Science Musuem, USA
Photo by New York Hall of Science, Takashi Shigetake

ACCESS 2018: Space Exploration from NYSCI on Vimeo.

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