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Interactive LED light installation with Sound

Concept & Design by CHiKA
Sound Design & Programming by Phan V
Technical advice by Boris EDELSTEIN, GarageCUBE
Emergency Grant by Foundation for Contemporary Arts
Support by Eyebeam & garageCube, madMapper
LED light by garageCube & Showjockey

32 x 32 x 60 in

SHIiKAKU =四角, 視覚, 視角, 死角 is a Japanese homophone that translates to "four square", "visual", "optic angle" as well as "blind spot".  Embracing these themes, it gives the audience a way to explore a sound reactive lightning landscapes during the Miami art week in 2013.

視覚: Visual
SHiKAKU 08' s experience is "seeing sound" and visual effect will be synchronized with sound.

視角: Optical angle
SHiKAKU 08, Square structures, a cube like installations. Combination of Led lights and 2 way mirror box creates illusion of
many different patterns of cube in the dark space unexpectedly.

死角: Blind Spot
Unexpected light and sound experience will happen. Exposure of strong LED lights will appear as an unexpected afterimages.

SHiKAKU 08 is designed the idea of a hidden forest. It is a 2 way mirror cube like a rock and LED lights strips like trees. LED Lights will be react by surrounded sound and create visual forest and only lights up by surrounded sound created by viewers.

Reverse Gallery, NY, USA
Fountain Art Fair, NY, USA

Interactive Art Fair FL, USA

The Creators project

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