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Interactive LED light installation with Sound

LED lights, DMX, Software, Hardware, Computer, Box.

Concept & Design: CHiKA
Sound Design & Programming by Phan V
Technical advice by Boris EDELSTEIN, GarageCUBE
Emergency Grant by Foundation for Contemporary Arts
Support by Eyebeam & garageCube, madMapper
LED light by garageCube & Showjockey

32 x 32 x 60 in
SHIiKAKU is a Japanese homophone with the meaning of Square ( 四角 ), Visual ( 視覚 ), Optic angle( 死角 ), in Chinese characters. The meaning of the word dictates the installation’ shape, light pattern, and public interaction. Embracing these themes it gives the audience a way to explore sound reactive lightning landscapes during the Miami art week in 2013.

視覚: Visual
SHiKAKU 08' s experience is "seeing sound" and visual effect will be synchronized with sound.

視角: Optical angle
SHiKAKU 08, Square structures, a cube like installations. Combination of Led lights and 2 way mirror box creates illusion of
many different patterns of cube in the dark space unexpectedly.

死角: Blind Spot
Unexpected light and sound experience will happen. Exposure of strong LED lights will appear as an unexpected afterimages.

SHiKAKU 08 is designed the idea of a hidden forest. It is a two-way mirror cube like a rock and LED lights strips like trees. LED Lights will be reacted by surrounded sound and create a visual forest and only lights up by surrounded sound created by viewers.

Reverse Gallery, NY, USA
Fountain Art Fair, NY, USA

Interactive Art Fair FL, USA

The Creators project

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