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Light & Sound Installation

LED lights, DMX, Software, Hardware, Computer, Box.

Concept & Design: CHiKA
Sound Design : Phan V

32 x 32 x 60 in

SHIiKAKU, a term in Japanese that translates to "four square (四角)," "visual (視覚)," "optic angle (視角)," and "blind spot (死角)," embodies these ideas as a homophone. Delving into these concepts, it offered the audience a chance to immerse themselves in sound-reactive lighting landscapes during Miami Art Week in 2013.

SHiKAKU 08 offers a unique experience of "seeing sound" where visual effects are intricately synchronized with the audio elements.

In SHiKAKU 08, square structures resembling cubes are illuminated with LED lights and mirrored boxes, creating unexpected patterns of cubes in the dark space. This surprising effect emerges unexpectedly, captivating viewers.

Unexpected light and sound experiences unfold, where the exposure to strong LED lights results in unexpected afterimages. The installation is crafted around the concept of a hidden forest—a 2-way mirror cube resembling a rock, adorned with LED light strips resembling trees. These lights react to the surrounding sounds, forming a captivating visual forest that illuminates only in response to the sounds generated by the viewers.



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